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viernes, 2 de agosto de 2013

How many kilometres are you able to run in 24 hours?


The race’s goal is to run as many kilometres as possible in 24 hours.


Place: Polideportivo Dehesa Boyal San Sebastián de los Reyes (Avda. Navarrondan S/N) Madrid.

Beginning: the 12nd of October, 2013, Saturday

Final: the 13th of October, 2013, Sunday


The race:


Runners should pick up their numbers in the Polideportivo Dehesa Boyal San Sebastián de los Reyes the 12nd of October from 10:30 a.m to 11:30 a.m.


In order to pick up the numbers is compulsory to show a medical certificate or to sign a document that ensures the good health of the athletes and exempt the organization from any responsibility in case of damage during the race.


The organization will offer medical services to safeguard the health of the athletes.

A direction change will be made every 4 hours in order to compensate the number of hours the athletes run around the circuit. The change will be announce by the organization.


Break/rest: there will be a rest area for athletes who want to take a break. They should bring their own things as a sleeping-bag, mat, blanket, etc.

Bathroom: bathroom and showers will be opened during all over the race and before the end.

The athletes exceeding 200 km (men) and 180 km (women) will enjoy a free registration next year.


Registration period begins the 1st of July. It’s necessary to ask for the registration forms to 24horas@ultrafondo.com, and afterwards the way to make effective the payment for the participation (40€) will be sent back.

Registration period ends either 5th of October, or when 100 athletes were registered. 


The organization will offer water, isotonic drinks, fruit, dried fruit and nuts, coffee, energy bar, and hot food (pasta) (onlySaturday dinner). Any other need must be provided by the runners.



The timekeeping and the race control will be made using a chip.


Every runner finishing the 24 hours race will receive a gift, and the three first qualified will receive an award, such as male as female category. The ceremony will be at the end of the race.

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